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ABOUT US: Team Members

Tommy Goforth


When I started this business in 1995, I wanted it to be known as the premier glass and mirror company in the Carolinas.

And by premier, I mean premier in terms of service and quality.

I wanted us to develop a reputation for being the company to call when you want old-fashioned values, excellent delivery, and contemporary style.

That took some doing, but we did it.

It took us being intentional about every aspect of the business, from the way we check on the status of your project every day, carry your glass, show up when we say we will, clean up after ourselves, and have the simple courtesy to call if we’re delayed.

It took us being committed to getting information and quotes back to you quickly, as well as having the backbone to say that if we messed up, we’ll fix it.

It took us taking our work seriously. And we do, whether we’re replacing a broken glass on your garage door or installing custom glass in your guest house. We won’t leave your job half done or undone because we just don’t work that way.

One other thing: we’re also the company to call when you need custom work, work that goes beyond the ordinary. We handle the dreaming, the planning, the design, and the installation.

We tend to handle the work others shy away from because we love to dig in and figure it out. If you had it or saw it in Florida, Atlanta, or Minneapolis, you can have it here, too. We can handle your special requests right here.

In fact, when most say, “You can’t do that” or “That’s going to be a problem,” we say, “Let’s see what we can do to get it done.”


  • Started in 1995

  • Residential specialist

  • Expertise in commercial and office spaces

  • Preferred by the top contractors, architects, and designers in the Carolinas



  • Custom work

  • Work the others can’t or won’t do

  • Astute in our trade

  • Planning, design, and installation services

  • Attention to detail

  • Commitment

  • Follow-through

  • Integrity

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